Self Introduction Essay

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Ajou University
Self-Introduction Essay
Full Name in English:
Li-Ying Huang
Home University:
National Chung Hsing University
My name is Lydia. My parents gave me this name and hoped that I could be friendly and always in good manners. I was born in a sweet and great family. English is like my mother language, mainly because my parents do export business and it requires them to use English frequently. I am very close to my parents and my older sisters. I share my concern with them and do girl talks very often just like best friends do. Family to me is a safe harbor and place where I grow and learn. I grew up as an independent and mature kid; I seldom do compromise when it comes to my ideal targets. My
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Gradually, I became more interested in reading English books; I am most interested in modern literature such as Da Vinci Code written by Dan Brown and many others. I consider myself a lucky student; after getting the certificate, the chair of our department deemed that due to my English proficiency I could qualify to be part of a study abroad program. Even though I only had little amount of time to prepare but I studied very hard to pass the required score in TOEFL and got the full amount scholarship, most important thing-became one of the exchange students who went studying abroad in Pittsburg State University. August 2011, the most special and most meaningful year of my life started off. I got to know students from different countries during the year in the United States. Besides broadening my horizon, I also tried to show and explain to my new friends how beautiful and wonderful our culture is. I believe I have become a person who is more independent and mature. I can now face my own flaws and make amends of my mistakes. Besides facing my own flaws, I am willing to face all kinds of challenges in my life. I hope I could become one of the exchange students in National Chung Hsing University and represent the Department of Accounting. Besides pursuing excellence on English, I wish to become fluent and accustom with Korean and acquire Korean related certificates. I wish to
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