Self Leadership Brand Development : The Journey Down A Long Dirt Road

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Self-Leadership Brand Development: The Journey Down a Long Dirt Road My leadership brand development involved my moving to a place of self-acceptance. My ideas and thoughts about how others perceive me have grown exponentially. In the past I have taken a position of “it doesn’t matter what others think”. However, in reality, it does matter what others think. I believe that I have two weakness: self-doubt and reluctance to take action. Maybe I see these two as weakness because I have been rejected on more than one occasion and have built a wall of comfort behind not taking action so that there is no place of rejection to fall. My objective for this self-leadership development plan is to build my self-confidence so that I can move to a place of self-motivation and success. After giving the concept more thought, I realized that I harbored a great deal of negative energy and behavioral outputs. By this I mean that I speak a lot of negative thoughts, harness a lot of anxiety, and perpetuate bad habits. Together these elements build a foundation of excuses to fail rather than reasons to succeed. My brand is one developed based on a conglomerate of ideas offered by researchers and experts in the field of leadership. The assignment challenged me to acknowledge and change a specific behavior in order to become more successful in my self-leadership abilities. Through self-reflection and a few self-assessment tools suggested by Neck and Manz (2013), I realized that my biggest

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