Self Leadership Theories And Practices

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Self-leadership Theories and Practices A Thesis Presented by Edward Sun to The Graduate School in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Technological Systems Management (Concentration – optional) Stony Brook University May 2015 Stony Brook University The Graduate School Edward Sun We, the thesis committee for the above candidate for the Master of Science degree, hereby recommend acceptance of this thesis. William Name – Second Reader Include title and department Type the remaining committee members using the above format. Type each member’s name, title and department. Always make sure the signature page is kept to one page in length. Type the outside member’s name last, if applicable. Include discipline and affiliation. This thesis is accepted by the Graduate School Charles Taber Dean of the Graduate School Abstract of the Thesis Self-leadership Theories and Practices by Edward Sun Master of Science in Grobal operational management (Concentration – optional) Stony Brook University 2013 Self-leadership, just as the name suggests, refers to one is able to lead himself or herself and solve the problems in a responsible and practical way (Manz, 1992). Only when the capabilities and qualifications of employees are fully improved will they have a sense of responsibility driving them to fully devote themselves into their work, in which way, they are able to predict their working effect and have appropriate evaluations of
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