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Self-Management Behavioral Contract GOALS AND OBJECTIVES Jessica is overweight, has diabetes since 1993. Her ultimate goal is to lose weight, become an active person who competes in charity runs, and avoid having to take medication to control her glucose. Obviously, without training for the charity run, Jessica will likely not succeed in the race. So Jessica’s short term goal will be to start an exercise program slowly and safely. As a result of learning how to improve her eating habits, Jessica will begin to train for her race. Jessica’s goals of not taking medication will be a line with increasing her insulin sensitivity through exercise. Jessica has to realize what her long term gals are and then set up a plan or a…show more content…
Getting started and deciding what to do first can be challenging. There are people and resources available to help you on your way to living well with diabetes. Following are some tips to set the stage: • Relax. • Gather your health care team. • Get an overview of what needs to be done. • Get education about how to do it. • Share your plan/needs with others close to you. • Allow yourself time to practice making needed behavior changes and adding diabetes care tasks. • Like most challenges you have faced in your life, keeping a positive attitude is important. Many people live happy, healthy lives. People with diabetes do too. Two of the most important issues that a diabetic must worry about include the management of blood-sugar levels and the intake of carbohydrates and sugars. Diabetic management is the best way to address these two important factors. Diabetics cannot process certain carbohydrates and sugars the way "normal" individuals can. As a result, diabetics have to constantly measure the amount of glucose in their blood. Doctors usually provide diabetic patients with a type of monitor that is used to measure blood-sugar levels. Several different varieties exist, and which one is prescribed, depends on the individual patient. There are many reasons why certain people are more prone to acquiring diabetes than others are. Genetics plays an important role, but weight also contributes a bit to the development of
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