Self Management

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1. Introduction In any type of industry, Self-management skills which are sometimes referred to as personality traits are important in determining the quality of services or quality of product provided to the customers. Skill Management is beneficial to both the organization and the employees as it is a way for maximizing the time and talents in achieving the projected goals. The organization benefits from increased productivity and capability while Employees benefit from higher motivation and commitment, career development, increased knowledge and job satisfaction. 1.1 Objectives of Study The study involves the following: * To understand the entire procedure of Self management * To study the accuracy and quality of…show more content…
Ability to accept this as a unfortunate reality and being able to dissolve that tension without serious trouble is a fantastic project management skill that one could possess. (vi) Team Building Team and team members are one if the team members stand united. With their own ability to teamwork it will play a massive role in the effectiveness of the work groups. A project manager can play a strong hand in setting a good example to team mates on how things are done, and also encouraging healthy working relationships between members. (c) Emotional Control Not all humans possess same control of emotions on the during the pressure situations. Many of the employees are sensitive to very simple matters while others are least bothered. As a manager one can avoid the succumbing to pressure or stress by being proactive expected matters of concern and have a critical situation management system (d) Discipline Addressing disciplinary issues is a reality for most managers. The main disciplinary problems are: * Absenteeism; * Wasted time; * Substance abuse In the modern workplace, managers and HR personnel face a range of legal issues when managing employees. Increasingly, employees challenge disciplinary action taken against them and bring unfair dismissal claims if their employment is terminated. Managers need to be suitably trained to effectively manage performance, discipline and termination of employment in order to
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