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Consumer Marketing Project-Bella Napoli
Robert Edwards, Hardy Anderson, and Larry D. Stephney
Park University
MK 351 Principles of Marketing
DR. Blaugrund, Erin Baca
December 13, 2012

The team of three students consisting of Robert Edwards, Hardy Anderson, and Larry D. Stephney visited Belle Napoli restaurant on November 15, 2012 as part of the MK 351 Principles of Marketing class, coordinated by our instructor DR. Blaugrund, Erin Baca. The purpose for our visit was to conduct detailed observation at a local restaurant to assist us in writing a seven to ten page summary of our findings.
Our team selected Johnny Carino’s restaurant located 675 Sunland Park Drive, El Paso, TX to compare to Belle Napoli. Both
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People that do not live on the Westside of El Paso may have a hard time navigating to this restaurant due to low visibility of the sign and small enclosure of the parking lot. There are no other signs visible on, or near the street prior to arriving to Bella Napoli that will prompt someone to slow down, stop and make the turn into the parking lot. The parking lot itself is both paved and gravel. It has a slight downward slope in the direction of the restaurant that could become hazardous in the event of rain. There are some areas of the parking lot that are uneven and worn that would constitute a hazard, and that will continue to deteriorate if it is not improved. Other possible deterrents that may cause people to not come to Bella Napoli are holes in the walls and water damage by the water fountain. From the parking lot all the way to the courtyard area in front of the entrance, should be re-modeled in order to appeal to a younger crowd. Considering how long Bella Napoli has been open, it appears to that very few improvements have been made to the exterior of the restaurant. Many restaurants in El Paso, including Johnny Carino’s have transitioned through some type of exterior revitalization plan to appeal to more generations of, and the diversity of people in El Paso.
Interior Atmospherics
The walkways were adequate for foot traffic in both directions. The staff was able to conduct their business without any congestion within the

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