Self Monitoring Study on How Sleep Affects Stress Levels Essay

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Can Obtaining Adequate Amounts of Sleep (between 8-9 hours) Reduce Stress Levels? BPS Wellness Paper Individual Self-Study Write-Up Intro My identified issue is lack of sleep and high stress levels. I do not maintain a schedule that would allow for enough quality sleep. I am also experience stress levels that are high, and suspect that lack of sleep may be a source of some of this stress. I have difficulty falling asleep and occasionally staying asleep. As a result I am often fatigued and tend to crave high fat sugary carbohydrates and overeat on them, to maintain mood and energy. Research Question Can obtaining adequate amounts of sleep (between 8-9 hours of sleep) reduce stress levels? My hypothesis is in order to lower my…show more content…
(February 2014) Similar to this study I used a stress scale although, I reduced mine to a scale between: 1-5. “5” being the highest level of stress. The Stress in America study used a Perceived Stress Scale that participants self-monitored their stress levels by answering where they would answer such questions as “how often have you felt irritable and angry in the last month” and they could answer,(very often, sometimes, never etc.) For my purposes I asked myself the following three questions and used the following rating system to determine my stress levels that day.(Angus, n.d.) I used a data spreadsheet to record my time of rising in the morning and time of going to bed to calculate hours of sleep. At the end of the day I rated and recorded my overall feelings of stress at the end of the day with scale of 1-5. A ‘1’ being very calm and unstressed and ‘5’ not feeling very stressed. By my rating system I will determine whether getting 8-9 hours of sleep improves my stress levels. On days that I exercised I recorded my exercise in number of minutes and then recorded the next morning my sleep quality. At the end of my day, I assessed my stress by answering three questions, did I feel worried, overwhelmed and depressed about not completing all my tasks, did I feel tired, impatient while driving and did I handle irritations and become angry more than usual? Did I feel like

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