Self Perception

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Application: Getting to Know Yourself Application: Getting to Know Yourself By: Meghan Robinson Walden University January 20, 2013 Professor Geidner Robinson 1 My life is influenced by many different attributes not just from cultural aspects. I have had it very rough in life growing up since childhood being raised in a low income town as the oldest girl of four of three other female children; I was forced to grow up fast in life. My mother gave birth to me and all of my sisters in Ansonia, CT which is a small town where just about everyone knows each other and knows your all of your business. My social status was low class but most of the families there were and very few were middle class, but we all attended schools…show more content…
It was tough being eight years old and just wanting to fit in but you stuck out like a sore thumb. It was also hard because I was also exceptionally bright and received a lot of awards so a lot of the children didn’t like me because they said that they thought I was a nerd as well or that I thought I was better than them because I knew more than them. But this was not the case I just simply wanted what every child wanted to be liked, loved, and accepted. My teachers took a special interest in me and always gave me extra work and push me beyond the limits because they knew I had special abilities and what I was capable of, this is one the reasons that inspired me to become a teacher. When I was twelve I moved to West Haven, Ct a middle class town with my Grandparents because my mother was not competent enough to raise us. This town was a little better but I was still getting made fun of but this time it was the black kids making fun of me because they said I talked like a white girl. I was so confused about this because I couldn’t understand how you can talk like a color. That was how I was raised to not see color and still don’t till this day. It feels good to reflect on my identity, it makes me realize that I am the person who I am today because of it. I make sure today not judge children and or their families based on any attributes whatsoever, especially racial or cultural. I want to make all families feel as comfortable as possible
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