Self Portrait With Monkey By Frida Kahlo

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Self-Portrait with Monkey: By Frida Kahlo
Self-Portrait with Monkey made in the year of 1938 by Frida kahlo a Mexican artist who was influence by the traumatizing events that occurred during her early life. Which were physically and psychologically tragic. Frida Kahlo used her personal tragedies to create art. She painted herself because it was what she knew best. Kahlo’s Self-Portrait with Monkey, was made to show a living and soulful being holding her by having his arm around her neck as a form of protection. She described the pet as the child she couldn’t have. The portrait is in the Buffalo Art Gallery in New York, and has been stationed there since 1966 by collector Anson Conger Goodyear.
Self-Portrait with Monkey is a portrait made by the Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo. In 1938 a French poet and founder of Surrealism, Andre’ Breton was visiting Mexico for a lecture tour, where he stayed at the Rivera’s. it was than when he first saw Frida Kahlo’s art as Surrealist and and he claimed that Kahlo to be part of his group. Andre’ Breton was a poet, writer, and the founder of Surrealist, who happens to be an anarchist who wrote the first Surrealist Manifesto in 1924. It’s been said that Breton proclaimed Mexico as the Surrealist country par excellence. Frida Kahlo did most of her self portraits with several pets. In a way, Kahlo did this to substitute the children she could never have due to her severe injuries. Kahlo’s first illness was when she was six years old.

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