Self Reassurance In Pop Culture

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Many people dream they are living in the perfect society but don’t realize all the negatives that define our society. Today’s society changes all the time. What would future generations think about how we used to live our lives? Our qualities define and make us who we are, but sometimes those qualities too definitive. If any one quality is different or too distinct, it will have negative effects on those who are defined by it. Our pop culture past governs our current pop culture. Our society needs continual self-reassurance, must feel constantly connected to the outside world, and is concerned with maintaining good physical fitness and health. Self-reassurance is a common thread among today’s younger generation. People are influenced by many forms of social media in order to gain society’s acceptance. The desire to be accepted and feel a sense of belonging is an inevitable human need. Society forces the idea of conformity onto one another. Conformity consists of people going along with others to satisfy the needs or wants of the whole group so acceptance is granted. Dr. Elliott…show more content…
As stated on Psychology Today, “there are so many positive aspects- not only does social media allow us to easily connect with loved ones and catch up with friends, it also provides entertainment, breaking news, and hottest trends from virtually anywhere around the globe,” (Flaxington 1). People think that technology is making our lives stress-free, when in fact it is making us overly dependent upon technology. Technology is advancing at a faster rate ever before in history. As technology has advanced, so has our total dependency on everyday things such as online shopping, constantly checking social media, etc. Some people even feel lost if they don’t have their phone in their hand. We are just so into other people’s lives that we are not aware of what is going on in
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