Self-Reflection: An Assignment

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Editing Work Introduction I chose to base my studies on J because we shared a lot in common; we are both Christians living in a predominantly Muslim country. He is eleven years old. His parents are Jordan nationals who have lived in Bahrain for at least two years. J goes to school at Naseem International School where I work. The school offers PYP programs. Lessons are conducted in English; however, Arabic lessons are also offered per week. Majority of kids in this school are Muslims most of whom are Bahrainis. Other nationalities making the student population are Saudis, Lebanese, Jordanians, few South Africans, and other Arabian Gulf countries. Teachers are a mixture of nationalities. Some of them are Arabs, others South Africans, while some are Europeans. Different research methodologies were used to collect information on J's school progress and behavior. Some of the methodologies used were, to mention but a few, unstructured interviews, non-directed and focus interviews, and naturalist and participant observations. I engaged a number of J's teachers and his school counselor in unstructured interviews at different stages during a six week period. These interviews gave me some degree of freedom and flexibility with regard to posing my questions (Cannell and Kahn, 1968). The content, the sequence, and wording of the questions were entirely under my control (Kerlinger, 1970). The unstructured interview was, however, carefully planned. This was done to do away with

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