Self Reflection Essay

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My senior year I worked at a local yoga studio, developing a profound connection to the instructors. One day, in a conversation with my yoga instructor, we discussed the fact that if it weren’t for his job in retail and as an instructor, he would be homeless. I was moderately taken aback by this, but instead of shying away from the topic, I asked him how it felt and what his family thought. He further explained that his father’s expectations of him hadn’t matched what his desires were in life, fracturing their relationship.
Instead of feeling dejected, my yoga instructor ended up doing what he loved. Struggling to make ends meet wasn’t a choice, but rather a product of a disjointed relationship with a family member. This story validated something that felt innate to me; we don’t need to directly relate to one another to be understanding and kind.
Growing up with gay parents, I have encountered adversity and discrimination. I have witnessed how prejudice can transform into cognitive barriers, preventing people from treating others equally. During high school, I witnessed a teacher’s aide use homophobic discriminatory language in a classroom setting. Despite my natural inclination to stand up for injustice, I had to carefully consider how I phrased my response.
I presumed the teacher would support me, explaining that what the teacher’s aide had said was insensitive and discriminatory. When I discussed with my moms what had happened, they explained my ability to assess the
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