Self Reflection Essay

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On Sunday, December 3, 2017, I delivered my first oral presentation on Janette, a peer in my Communicating Effectively course at Manhattanville College. The objective of the project was to familiarize yourself with a classmate, ask/answer questions provided by Professor Brosnan, and then share the knowledge you gained about the individual in a two-minute presentation. The presentation was required to introduce the classmate, what graduate program they are pursuing, why he/she is in the program, their long-term career goal(s), current occupation, favorite class, and an interesting fun fact. The oral presentations were done in the classroom without any visual aid, allowing you to use notes if preferred. By analyzing my 1 minute and 25 second presentation using the “7 Step Presentation Process” I uncovered my strengths and weaknesses as a presenter. As a student, I never paid much attention to my presentation skills and was never required to take a class that made me assess them. I never considered myself a fearful presenter or one that is petrified of speaking in front of an audience. I always measured my fear as average, like the “usual presentation jitters” that everyone gets. This presentation revealed to me that every presentation is relative to the audience, objectives, topic, and implementation. This self-reflection is the first time I have every truly assessed my skills and I think that is a fear in itself. After every presentation throughout my college career I rarely took the time to evaluate myself and make self-improvements. In “7 Steps to Fearless Speaking”, Lilyan Wilder discusses the 5 fears of public speaking one of them being “avoidance” (Wilder 15). Although Wilder is referring to the avoidance of preparing for your speech, it is evident my fear is avoiding self-evaluation. I have avoided my fears as a public speaker by just categorizing them as “normal”. My presentation strengths consisted of both verbal and non-verbal skills. While listening the recording of my presentation without any visual, I could hear my animated voice tone. When speaking about exciting parts of Janette’s life such as her dream to move into Finance and her current occupation at Pepsi my tone changed. This voice

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