Essay about Self Reflection

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Part 1
“A successful company is built by their successful working teams.” This is not only happening in certain company but all industry which have a strength working teams. This indicates that the working teams play a very important role in the industry to get the company keeps improving.
Four generations work under one Roof!
It is impossible all the employees in an industry conducted a same generation, same education level, and same working experiences or even have the same cultures. Therefore, these might appear some problems among the employees while during the working operation. This might be a challenge for the employer who has to solve the problems and turn these problems to the working effort. There are
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Conversely, the elder generation is always think that young generation is lack of experiences and egoistic. Therefore, team building may narrow their working relationship and minimize their strange distance.

Experiences sharing
It is also a chance for the employees to gain the working experiences or social experiences during team building. The employees may share their previous working experiences to their partner or team. It is clear that everyone has the different experiences no matter it is fun, interesting or upsetting. This is an occasion for the employees to gain the experiences from their partner which they never face or happened before. This experiences sharing is advantage to the young generation or the freshman who just start their working life. With this, the employees may get the knowledge from the experiences sharing by their working partner and they may refer this to face the problem while occur in the future.

Core Value
Team building is not only to improve the employee’s teamwork, but it is also to strengthen the core value of the employees to their work. Some of the employee does not ensure their situation or doubtful with their job whether the job is suitable for them or not. Many of the employees may think that they are only temporary work with this company and will transfer to other company soon. This shows that the employee who with this mind is not clear with their working
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