Self Reflection

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Individual Reflection

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Presentation 4 Describe 4 Interpret 4 Evaluate 4 Plan 4 Project 5 Describe 5 Interpret 5 Evaluate 5 Plan 5 Team Performance 6 Describe 6 Interpret 6 Evaluate 6 Plan 6 Individual Behaviour 7 Describe 7 Evaluate 7 Interpret 7 Plan 7 Reference List 8 Appendix 1 9 Appendix 2 10

During the presentation, the team adapted the demonstration method inside of welcoming, did not perform encouragement for the audience to join the movie night and help out the charity. The plain slides style did not provide secure engagement and visual appeal. Ticketing system explanation was made
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The team will gather ideas about the team efficiency improvement and establish a certain strategy at the coming class.

Individual Behaviour
During the presentation, I did not spread a confident attitude and did not present in the answering section. In general, I make some grammar and pronunciation mistakes often and do not speak fluent English.
1. Confident:
The number of people that a person can speak to measures his or her personality. However, the confident of a speech links the courage of persuading, together enhanced by experience.
2. English skills:
As a second language speaker, there are some expected barriers both of listening and speaking. Therefore, an adaption of modest attitude is helpful when approaching people.
A critical view of the self-weakness gives a reasonable result of ability, which can give influential suggestion of self-development.
I will keep searching for the decent way of improving English skills to reduce the gap between native and second language.

Reference List
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