Self Reflection

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New York is commonly referred to as the city that never sleeps. The sun sets and rises here like any other place in the world. However, the cities bright LED’s turn on and the busy city crowd continuous when the moon begins to rise. Similarly, the mind cannot ever be shut off. To completely inquire, and learn about myself, I took significant time to practice two of the aspects of the Pacmind, and also noted how my mind “Pacminded what Happened” throughout the day. I ultimately learned more about my personality, and discovered certain characteristics about myself, that I had not been aware of before this practice. I started with aspect one of the Pacmind to begin my inquisitive, self-reflective, journey of observing my minds activity. I found the most effective location to inquire about how my mind is ever-restless is in a quiet corner on the third floor of the library. I began this practice by taking out a journal and pen for taking notes of my minds activity, and I put away all electronics that may distract me. The immediate first thought that I noted about myself was me thinking about my dinner plans. I had a desire to get food after concluding my practices, but feared I would not be hungry enough to eat at the Christmas Party I would be attending later in the evening. This caused me to over-think and stress far too much over a simple thought of when and where I should eat dinner. Secondly, my mind began thinking of the plans for the “Anti-Valentine’s Day” I am in
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