Self Reflection Paper

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As an English Language Learner that I still am, I have encounter through my path many barriers that could have prevented me from over achieving and gotten this far in my career. Now I reflect back as I see young English Language Learners in schools that struggle but don’t give up thanks to such an amazing effective teachers that have dedicated their time and effort in helping ELLs achieve academically. I believe in providing now a classroom fulfilled with hope, care, over comers, respected with equality for all cultures and different backgrounds. My fluent Spanish to English translation could possibly be a challenge when not knowing to translate a specific word but will learn and do anything that is at my reach to get my message across. I hope to establish a classroom that provides the support for all students specially the ELLs that are my main focus to be working with. By providing appropriate visual prompts around the room, allowing ELLs to sit with English speakers, providing activities that are structured to support student-to-student or group interaction, and establishing an environment that has certain rules and routines to follow, I will be supporting ELLs as well as the other students. I will at no time discriminate against other cultures or different background beliefs. One of my mayor goals as a teacher is to be able and provide the best assistance for my ELLs to become better fluent speakers, writers and readers in English. I would like for all of my students to

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