Self Reflection Paper On Adolescence

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[Click here to add keywords.] Self-Reflection Paper: Adolescence and Young Adulthood Adolescence is the period of development from ages 10-21, it is the period between childhood and adulthood (McGraw Hill Education, 2015) It is a time of confusion and exploration. This stage continues until a person is holding a full time job, economic independence, and taking responsibility to oneself (Santrock, 2011, p. 344). As a 16 year old female I am in the midst of all these changes and can relate many themes to myself and my own experiences. Usually, the first theme that arises with the thought of adolescence is puberty, which can be a tumulus time. Puberty is a time of rapid physical maturation including hormonal and bodily changes. These changes include menarche, weight gains, height gains, and hormonal changes (McGraw Hill Education, 2015). Personally, puberty was a time of rapid growth; I went from kids sizes to adult sizes in the matter of a few months. As an early-maturing girl, I was confused and surprised when I started to notice the changes occurring to my body; I started to form breasts and my figure began to change drastically. I no longer had the body types of my friends who were boys. Nevertheless, these changes began to occur and I wasn’t prepared for one of the markers of “womanhood”; my first menstruation. I went through lectures with my mother and she gave me “talks”, but when it came to reality, I wasn’t prepared. However, with a little patience I have survived the most difficult parts of puberty but this isn’t the only thing adolescences have to deal with. During adolescence is also when Piaget says the idea of egocentrism remerges. This is related to body image problems, imaginary audience and personal fable. A personal fable is when an adolescent believes that their problems are unique and imaginary audience is when adolescents believe everyone is talking about them (McGraw-Hill Education, 2015) . When looking at my life knowing about these ideas I realized just how much I experienced imaginary audience and personal fable. I remember going through an emo phase, which is a phase defined by rebellion and a certain “Goth”, aesthetic in which I thought that “no one understood me”, which I am
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