Self Reflection Paper On Conflict

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A conflict that I have chose to write about is from one of my own experiences. Suchlike, my parent’s divorce in the year of 2007. I have chosen to write about this topic because I was in the middle of the dispute, therefore I know all components of the conflict. If I would have chosen a historical event at a different level, it is possible that I would not know all the details or possibly confuse part of the facts. I would not say writing about my own conflict is any easier because there are still various components to these conflicts, just like any other world wide problem. I tend to look back at this time because it was such an unhappy part in my whole family's life, and I have learned from it. As I stated in my self reflection paper, I…show more content…
My father constantly had a bad attitude and that is where my mom drew the line. When he had a bad day he would come home and take it out on her. My parents had several differences because of having two different conflict styles. My dad has the conflict style of a competitor. He always has to be right, and when he is not he becomes angry. His style of solving problems is way different than my mother’s, she likes to accommodate to other people (Barsky, 2014, p. 47). Therefore, she had low concern for herself and was always trying to please my father, which was not healthy for her. She went out of her way to satisfy him and when it did not work it made her more upset and obviously my father too. My mother’s emotions were taking over her life. From what I remember when I was younger is that my mother would spend her nights crying at the kitchen table when my father would be out doing chores. After reading Beyond Reason I can put together that she was letting her emotions get the best of her. Her emotions affected the way she ate, the way she interacted with my brothers and me, her thinking, and more aspects of her life. Her emotions were affecting her body in negative way (Fisher and Shapiro, 2006, p. 11). I can see how it would be hard to hide these emotions. If my mother would have been aware of the five core concerns, she would have had an easier way to deal with her emotions. According to Fisher and Shapiro, these five
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