Self Reflection Paper

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Have you ever wondered what others may think of you or how you act with certain people? Within this paper , I’m going to explain how I see myself and how those around me see me as a person. This should be interesting in the sense that who I’ve asked to complete this with me are on two different spectrums of my life. I’ve asked someone who has known me since birth and someone who has known me for a short amount of time compared to the other. I’m going to expand on how my interpersonal communication skills are influenced by my personality traits. Within my responses, I’ve come to the conclusion that I have a very straight forward mindset. I’m driven and determined within myself to reach the inevitable. I’m very energetic but my main personality trait is to achieve; I’m very good at accepting criticism, i’m a very considerate person, cooperative and an imagination that runs deep. Those are only my strengths, these strengths help me within my interpersonal skills in a way that I can be open to ideas but i also like to get down to business always caring for others before myself. Some of my weaknesses include is that at times i can be a bit aggressive and i mean this is a way that my mouth doesn't really have a filter. In some cases it can be helpful in the sense that i can stand up for what i believe in but it can also get me some eyebrows raised. The factors that have influenced my self-concept is really cliche. I just want a good life for myself. I have a heart to care
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