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Client Name: Shaindy
Age: 30
Relationship: Neighbor

I started out my session making some small talk with my client, Shaindy. We discussed how things went the previous week and what we’re looking forward to accomplish in the upcoming week.

After our preliminary discussion, I bought up the topic of goal setting. I had her complete the ‘Food Frequency Questionnaire’. This form was extremely helpful for my data analysis and interpretation. It was also a great way to show Shaindy how unvaried and unbalanced her food intake is. Currently, my client doesn’t eat any meals, which resulted in high servings of refined grains, fats, oils, and sweets, per day. In addition, her diet barely consists of vegetables, so we discussed that this will be our goals for the upcoming week.
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My inquiring as to why she chose this particular number, had her respond that she is ready to make changes, but not confident that she’ll be able to pull it through. I gave her words of encouragement and explained to her that we all slip sometimes and the main thing is to get back on track. This seemed to calm her down, and she said she felt more confident now and was ready to discuss our goal setting options.

I used the mnemonic SMART to ensure that our goals are attainable for my client. The first goal was meal setting. I asked my client to focus on one meal that she feels she can implement without drastic changes, and she opted for breakfast. I started out with the specifics, and explained to her what a healthy breakfast should consist of, such as a whole grain starch and protein. We discussed some combination options, such as bran cereal with milk, an egg sandwich on whole wheat bread, etc. I explained to her that whole grain starches will keep her full longer, so there won’t be a need for constant morning
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