Self Reflection Part Two : Perseverance

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I made the decision to return to college twenty years later, wanting to become more employable. My husband coaxed me into pursue a bachelor’s degree. Sitting in college courses with people the same age as my oldest child was awkward. It is much harder to socialize as an older student with events my priorities are different. After a few quarters I was able to make a few connections and get into the pace. I’ve persevered through the last four years to be able to graduate, overcoming illness (that had me hospitalized and had long-term recovery), financial burdens, and the juggling of school, family and home. I am most proud that, I’ve worked 20 to 30 hours a week, gone to school full-time, and finished a degree in four years.
As a student with a learning disability, I have had to learn how to regulate myself to succeed in a college environment. Much of my strategy has been in learning to set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reliable, & Timely) goals. I usually do this the first week of the court unless I have the advantage of obtaining a class syllabus prior to the quarter. Then I will map out each courses assignments, tests, and learning objectives, and preferences (An example: if a teacher has a certain font, font size, and/or spacing). Next, I will set a schedule in excel for each assignment start and when it is due, this keeps me on track and gives me insight into what is ahead. It also allows me to monitor…
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