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Abstract The following report is a personal and professional development plan that shows a self reflection of me using the various tool (Belbin team role analysis, Career survey guide, MBA skills audit etc) discussed in the PPD sessions in the class room. This also provides insights of various strengths and weakness I possess and the various things which I want to develop during the course of my MBA programme both in respect to my personal and professional development. It also gives out steps of how to achieve the same. Introduction I believe in the philosophy of improving myself as much as I can and in whatever way possible. I believe as surroundings change the challenge is to adjust to the change surrounding and try to adapt and…show more content…
Having stepped into MBA programme, I have realized the importance of this skills as one of the core skills for a manager .I have been part of various debates, presentations earlier also but I still feel that there is always a scope of improvement, and I believe that this is one area which I can and I wish to develop during this programme. Steps • Attending various workshops that the university provides apart from the sessions held in business school. • Taking all opportunities where I get a chance to speak so as to enhance the skill of engaging with the audience more. • Planned to join Toastmasters club in UK, where I was a member in my previous organization too. • Seek out new opportunities to present information and reports in a team setting 2) To improve Awareness about the current affairs and Learning new things daily A deep insight to my self reflection makes me feel, I am not keeping myself update to the various activities in and around the business world. This is important for a manger to have the base knowledge of the things happening around. I need to develop in this regard as I am at a new place it’s more important to understand the methodologies and the dynamics of the business world here so as to enhance my future prospects. Steps • Started reading 2 of the most famous daily newspapers in England apart from the ones I used to read in my home country. • Plan to enroll for various business
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