Self Reflection : Self Esteem

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Self-esteem is the comprehension of self-acknowledgement from the self and from others. Factors contributing to overall self-esteem includes; Self-worth, Self- tolerance and belief in oneself. (SOURCE4) Self-esteem is thought to begin as early as life and continue throughout existence with various changes as age progresses. (SOURCE#2) A sense of self-esteem outside of the norm can lead to problematic life occurrences. Both high and low self-perception can intervene with everyday life. People with extremely high self-perception may be thought of as narcissistic while self-perception below the norm may lead to depression. A person’s self-dignity affects every decision, thought and action made in his/her life.
Self-esteem is acknowledged to begin at a young age and have certain affects throughout a life span. At young ages children’s self-perception can lead to early depression and anxiety disorders, however, extremely low perception of the self at the adolescent age affects the lifelong successes of that person. Whether the low sense of self-worth derives from scholarly efforts or appearances play a large role in the effectiveness on one’s life. For example; a student with low self-confidence in academia may have a tendency to be less likely to pursue higher education, which in the long run results in a (relatively) less successful life. The development of self-esteem over a life span is thought to continually develop until adolescents and then vary in amount (high or low)

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