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Self-Reflection This spring semester I have evolved as a writer and reader. This course has refreshed my memory with basic essential writing techniques and it has made me more proficient when it comes to writing. When it came to writing essays, I use to be so scared to turn them in. I was never a good writer and composing an essay was usually extremely tough. I would have multiple people proofread my essays, but I still doubted my work. Now when it comes to writing essays I feel more confident in my work, I have less grammatical errors, and I don’t feel the need to have multiple people proofread it. It’s nice not having to rely on people to check my work and going back several times to fix the errors that were made. Now I have…show more content…
I began to incorporate these characteristics into my life and soon made them my own. Now when it comes to school and life I look forward to challenging work because I will learn the most from those situations. When it comes to school assignments that I don’t do as well on, I reflect on my work and begin to think what I could improve so I can receive a better grade on the next assignment. In personal life situations where I had made a mistake, I look back at the problem and analyze what I could have done differently. I learn from those mistakes so history doesn’t repeat itself and I’m prepared for the next obstacle that arrives. When I’m faced with a challenge I keep a positive attitude and know, if I work hard I will be rewarded, maybe not physically but mentally, because I had learned something that has helped me grow as a person. Dweck’s theory has had an impact on my lifestyle and the way I view things because having a growth mindset has made me a better person academically and mentally. Throughout this semester I have learned a lot when it came to writing like being more specific, verb tense, types of sentences, grammar, and comma usage. I struggled with these types of english problems the most. Comma usage was my biggest problem. I had a hard time placing commas in the right places and refraining from making my sentences and paragraphs sound like huge run on sentences. In this example “Since there is only one girl in Perrault’s story that

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