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Self Reflective Report

Introduction 2
Definition of Self-Reflection 2
Research Findings 3
Delivery of Debate, Strengths and Weaknesses 4
Feedback Evaluation and Myself Reflection 5
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Reports were taken from CIPD, a research programme that focus on the future of HR. These reports such as ‘HR in Tough Times’ by Philip Sadler, have helped me understand the main implications faced by Human Resources at the present.
One of the reports, the Annual survey report 2011 by Hays, I believe it contained very important information for my debate, although due to the lack of time and understanding I was not able to fully read the report, this could have been more explored as it had important information for the research such as, statistics which I have missed in all the debate. Statistics related to turnover, employment market were some I could have used for my research, also should have mentioned more references during my speaking.

Delivery of Debate, Strengths and Weaknesses
Determining one’s own strengths and weaknesses is a reflective process that is not always an easy task, although by knowing and gain an understanding of my strengths and weaknesses is beneficial for my future projects.

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