Self Reflective Study

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In comparing my behavior and my cognition, I noticed that I had small difference with regards to my study habits as I had two ineffective cognitions and one ineffective and one effective behavior. I think the difference exists due to several factors that influence my cognitive process. The first is that I was in a severe car accident many years and I have trouble remembering through rote reading and memorization. This has caused me to become frustrated and self-critical, believing I cannot learn like other people. I have also found through this exercise that I have tied my self-worth to my grades. I will need to accomplish several tasks to make them more congruent in a positive way. I will need to find a more effective way to study, which will account for my impairment. The second task will be to develop a more set of positive cognitions. In order to accomplish this I will need to find my learning style, which I now believe is a combination of aural and social. The second task will involve challenging my perceptions and cognitions. I will accomplish this through making an honest self-assessment with the help of my mentor. My plan also includes making use of audio recordings…show more content…
I noticed a small difference between cognitions and behavior as I had two effective cognitions and one ineffective and one effective behavior. The reason for the incongruity are my inability to set healthy boundaries and limit my care taking tendencies.To make these areas more consistent I will first need to get a more positive view of boundaries. To accomplish this I will make a pros and cons list of boundary setting and care taking. One thing I will need to be mindful of is the recurring fear of telling someone no. One thing for me to watch out for is recurring guilt over my past parenting. I will safeguard this through talking to mentor when I am feeling fearful or
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