Self Reinventing On Social Networking Sites

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Rhet 105 essay 3 Yongxin Li (Peter) Self-Reinventing On Social Networking Sites A social networking site, or SNS, is a platform to build social networks or social relations among people who share interests, activities, backgrounds or real-life connections. (Wikipedia contributors) Social network sites have been increasing at a great speed, and now there are around 1.79 billion social network sites users (eMarketer), which means that more than 60% of internet users are using social network sites. Before SNS comes into people’s lives, self-presentation on internet is regarded as a role-playing game. People did not have to follow the rules in real lives, and they could present themselves in any way they want. However, with SNS, everyone is no more anonymous. On Facebook, my friends can see every photo I like and every comment I make, and they all know that it is me, Yongxin Li, who likes the photo and says these words. It gives me a feeling that everything on Facebook is real. However, I have also been through some situations making me feel that maybe Facebook is not as real as I expected. For example, I always post some pictures and articles about recent scientific breakthrough and academic discussions on RenRen, a Chinese version Facebook. Gradually, my friends have an impression that I am a science lover. One day, I found a silly but very funny joke on Renren, and I really loved it. However, I finally did not share it. Why did not I share that joke? I kept asking

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