Self-Report Studies Of Death Anxiety Essay

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Written Assignment #1

1. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of self-report studies of death anxiety. What do self-report studies indicate about the level of death anxiety in most Americans?

Let us begin with defining self-report studies of death anxiety. According to the text book Death, Society, and the Human Experience there were four self-tests used to aid in determining one’s level of anxiety in regards to death. These tests would allow one to understand how they felt about their experiences with death as well as, what they believed about death, dying, and the afterlife. The four topics included in the inventory were: knowledge base, attitudes and beliefs, experiences with death and feeling. Each survey is intended to aid the survey taker in determining what areas they lack knowledge in, what their greatest fears maybe. Accordingly, death anxiety is defined by what a person’s attitudes are how they respond emotionally and what they believe when confronted with thoughts of death or the reality of it with themselves or others.
Interestingly, according the text: “death anxiety studies have become more sophisticated in recent years” (Kastembaum). In other words, more attention is being given to the study of death and people attitudes towards it. According to these studies, most people fall into the range of low to moderate anxiety in relation to
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According to Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, denial is also among the five stages of grieving. Among these stages are: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance and not necessarily experienced in that particular order. Although the stages of grieving are not always in association with an actual physical death. The loss can be anything from one’s job, to loss of a friendship, to terminal illness and of course physical death of oneself or a loved one. In this case denial in the case of physical death will be
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