Self-Sacrifice In A Short Story

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Self-sacrifice is not an easy term to use, neither to take action for, nor a relationship to understand. To do something as easy as writing a letter to a friend whom has been sick for a while, by sacrificing your time, or it could be as hard as using your life to protect someone that is dear to you.It does not have to be the situation you are in or the problem you are facing, it could be a friend or someone close to, and you do want to save that individual, at this right point you have to make a decision which is you sacrifice something you have or even you, or turn around as nothing had happened in this world, while you chose the first choice you should know what is your capacity and the amount of lost you are doing. In the short story Julia decided to lose her leg for the baby and Lilly, mother carrying her child on her arms taking steps not caring who is behind and that was what she decided to do.

The situation was not easy to handle Julia had suffered, and tried to fight for justice, and what she saw was right thing to do, and take action for, she did not care if she lost her leg for helping and protecting the precious; Her attention was set to get the money and people, to help Lilly to get out of German and make her protect the baby, even though she know that she won’t live for long, she wanted to do what she can at the current momment. Julia is in pain, tries to hide the fact of her suffering, the fact that she might not see her baby and Freud ever again
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