Self- Sacrifice in the Movie Pan´s Ladyrinth

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Nothing can be achieved if an individual is not willing to sacrifice; this idea is presented throughout the Movie “Pan’s Labyrinth”, and is effectively represented by the two female characters, Ofelia and Mercedes. The movie develops within a feminized world between two female characters Ofelia and Mercedes, they may be different in age and life experience, however; they share many similarities in characters and relationship with Captain Vidal. Furthermore, Ofelia and Mercedes are closely connected to each other which they share secrets together, as Deborah Levine, PH.D explained: “Mercedes provides the girl with an idealized self object who can not only fight her brutal stepfather but also offer comfort” (Levine 122). This emphasizes the close relationship Ofelia and Mercedes share in order to reveal the connection between them. The movie “Pan’s Labyrinth”, directed by Guillermo Del Toro, tells a story of a young girl names Ofelia explores her struggle returning as the princess of the underworld and saves her brother with Captain Vidal ruthlessly stands in her way, while the other female character Mercedes secretly helps the rebels fight against Captain Vidal and also tries to save her brother. Therefore, in the film "Pan's Labyrinth", the director Guillermo Del Toro, through the use of several props, and the similarities of Ofelia and Mercedes, emphasizes their journey of self-sacrifice, to achieve their goal which is to protect their family and gain independence. The

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