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Self-segregation is extremely common. One can see people being self-segregated into groups of the same race, religion, and interests. This is especially common in colleges and high schools. However, people do not just self-segregate themselves without a reason; there are causes that make them self-segregate themselves as an effect. The effects of self-segregation impacts the people self-segregating themselves while they may not know it. However, not everyone enjoys self-segregating themselves. To give an example; someone may self-segregate themselves after people are racist towards them. If someone feels discriminated against, they may self-segregate themselves and hang out with similar people that would accept them. Even in today’s society, there are still cases in which people believe that black people should be hanging out with other black people. Also, if someone is feeling left out because they do not share the same interests, religion, or race, they will hang out with other people like them instead. This creates a wide range of effects, many of which are negative. One effect of self-segregation is lack of diversity. This happens when there are groups of people that are similar and they only stay with their group. When people do not mix with other…show more content…
However, this does not just apply to race. To give an example; in high schools there are cliques of just athletic people. They self-segregate themselves and can eventually bully non-athletic people due to their self-segregation. A prior example was stated how a group of one race can show bias against another race. To give an example; white people in the 1900s would stick together and not associate with black people. This was a severe case of self-segregation in which black people were treated horribly because white people were in a group that black people could not join because of their race. Anyways, no matter in which form it shows in, bigotry should not
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