Self Storage

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How to Keep Your Business Organized with Self Storage


Storage tenants save over $396 Time is money, same goes for extra storage space. Often time’s businesses find themselves in need for a larger inventory space, however with high prices for office or operating space, coupled with tight quarters, it is challenging to find a solution to make your dream business succeed. Self storage can help a start-up business evolve from a dream to a reality in Edmonton and Surrounding Areas.

At Place For Your Stuff (PFYS), we want to educate people on how extra storage space can be a cost effective tool to help your business run efficiently by providing overflow storage without breaking your budget. Often people think of self storage from an
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Running a business provides challenges of all types. Imagine your business is in a small office space. To ensure your daily business activities are uninterrupted, you have arranged all of your shipments and deliveries to arrive during off hours. However, what if your perfectly planned schedule is destroyed when a shipment is delivered at noon? Your store is now full of inventory stacked high and wide with overflow stock, which could cause a hazardous work environment for your employees and customers.

You now have a bigger issue at hand. How can you avoid any possible injuries from occurring in case a heavy product falls? How do you avoid the potential of damaging your expensive products?

When you rent at PFYS storage facility located in Sturgeon County, your unexpected problem becomes nothing more than a minor inconvenience. Self storage allows you to store and organize excess inventory, supplies, and paperwork. By storing seasoning products away during off seasons or moving filing boxes into storage, you are helping your future self when it comes time to find these objects once again. It can be a great asset for any and all business
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