Self Theory And Self Concept

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Self concept is closely related to self efficacy, which is one’s capabilities to organize and execute the course of action required to produce or achieve in life. This is how one sees themselves. These beliefs about oneself are defined as an individual’s self concept. In other words, a person’s self concept is that person’s perception of him or herself. These perceptions are formed through a number of avenues including experience, reinforcement, evaluations from others, and one’s explanation for behavior. Self concept is especially influenced by reinforcements or evaluations from one’s self or from the people that they associate with (Bong, 2003). A simple example of self concept would be a small child who is trying to hit a baseball for the first time. If the child swings and misses and his father reinforces by saying the pitch was too fast, the child might form an opinion or self concept that he cannot hit a fast pitch. So when faced with another situation where he is given a fast pitch, he may question his ability to hit the ball (Shavelston & Bolus, 1992). This example only touches the surface of self concept formation as it can be much more complex than a simple comment from a parent. It can take an child many experiences before their self concept solidifies. Self concept can be formed through an individual’s evaluation of his or her behavior in certain situations (Shavelston & Bolus, 1992). Self concept has seven critical features: It is organized or

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