Self Worth At The Same Time Essay

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Being able to define who you are to others is a rather difficult challenge to indulge. No one wants to come off sounding to confident but no one wants to demolish their self worth at the same time. We define ourselves in a multitude of ways. Defining a person can be done through their physical characteristics such as the color of our hair, the color of our skin, and the color of our eyes. The other option to show people who we are is, our taste in music, our political views, or how we treat others. But the deepest way to show others who you are as a person is through the definitions of optimists and pessimists. Optimists, the person you look to when life is becoming dull, and problems are hindering your experiences. Pessimists, the people that worry, they fear the inevitable danger that comes from the “what if?” part of their brains. I’m one of the few that falls on the thin line that divides these definitions. On the outside I am the light to the dullest of days, but on the inside I am in constant fear that arises when thinking about what the day has in store. Being little and naive I believed that the world was my playground. I believed that I was an untouchable force that couldn’t be broken. Fear wasn’t in my vocabulary, and I treated every day as a way to make the world smile. When others thought they had nothing to smile for I showed them that life is an adventure that’s waiting to be traveled. My fourth grade year rolled around, Miss. Bridagam 's classroom was where

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