Self-efficacy and Factors Influencing Motivation of Students

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Self-efficacy is the belief that someone has the inherent ability to achieve a goal. A student who has a high self-efficacy allows himself to believe that he can be successfully academically.(Bozo & Flint, 2008) He believes that a challenging problem is a task that can be mastered This student is more committed to work in the classroom. (Schunk,1991). On the other hand, a student who has a low level of self-efficacy is likely to be academically motivated. He is more likely to avoid a task that is difficult, give up, make excuses, or lose confidence in his abilities (Margolis & McCabe, 2006). This failure becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Teachers need to find ways to motivate these students by increasing their self-efficacy. A…show more content…
Also, I should be sure to engage the student in conversation about why he was successful in an attempt to relate effort to success. This results in a higher self-efficacy as the student is able to complete more tasks and, therefore, believe in his abilities. Goal setting is another useful strategy. The student identifies short term academic goals. An assignment is broken up into smaller tasks and immediate rewards and/or feedback are given as the child reaches each short term goal. Goal setting can be used with any of the strategies mentioned above. For example, in the writing assignment he could say, I will follow all my writing steps as I complete a personal narrative.” A goal for the ABC chart could be “I will fill in 16 out of 26 letters in my ABC chart.” As the student identifies that he has reached his goal, he realizes that he can be successful and his self-efficacy slowly increases. The student begins to make positive judgements that he can be academically successful. It is vital for all teachers to determine how to foster the development of each child’s self-efficacy to support increase motivation. There are many activities that can be created in the classroom to help a student have a higher self-efficacy. Regardless of the strategy, each activity helps the student feel that he or she can be academically successful. Many arguments have been made regarding the fairness and discrimination of standardized
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