Essay on Self harm

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I used to be a cutter… but shh, don’t tell. Society didn't allow me to express my pain that way…Today’s society refuses to acknowledge many problems that teens deal with. People would rather believe in ‘happily ever after’ than face the truth, children are suffering. While it may seem to others that the problems are made up, its very real to the one dealing with them everyday. This suffering can leave permanent scars, and damage (if not ruin) their future. By remaining ignorant, self harm becomes more and more common, but at what cost? If educators and medical personnel were to be more educated on self harm and how to deal with it, teens and young adults would be more comfortable asking for help. Getttig rid of the stereotypes that…show more content…
Adults who work in an education based setting sometimes feel uncomfortable dealing with young teens who self harm. Whether this is because of personal reasons or ignorance, self harm is a common subject in schools. When interviewed for an artical, one teacher said that she, “couldn’t deal with the emotional aspect, and couldn’t think of any reason why someone would want to physically harm themselves.” Another teacher, at the same school, stated that he “hadn’t had the experience or training necessary to help the child. This appeared to make the child uncomfortable and regret asking for help." Should asking for help really be such a difficult task? Schools have classes designed to educate teens about how to grow up and take charge, and deal with problems; staff should have the option to take similar classes. If self harm was discussed more in these classes, and appropriate coping methods were taught, there would be less of a problem in schools. Medical officials have much of the same experiences as educators. While they are certified to clean and help with the healing of a self inflicted wound, they have no mandatory obligation to help the patient. Some hospitals have reported that medical staff feels that the patient “deserves to feel the pain” as they purposely harmed themselves. Nurses will use little or no anesthesia on the patient, or will treat them last – no matter the severity of the wound. This goes against the Hippocratic
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