Self-management competency

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1. The skill I want to develop and my understanding of this skill

The skill I want to develop is the self-management competency.

According to the textbook, taking responsibility for your life at work and beyond is a manager's self-management competency.

Related to the text, my understanding of self-management competency is that it includes six aspects of definitions below: (1) understands oneself and has an inner drive to get things done with directed energy; (2) gets the best from one's own abilities and strives for improvement; (3) takes responsibility for one's own development and actions; (4) is self motivated and persistent and delivers on promises; (5) understands one's role with respect to individual, self and situation and
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Another reason that I want to develop self-management competency is that the following case in the textbook tells me that if you want to be a successful manager, you must have excellent self-management skills. Many people may be thinking that self-management really does not require much time and effort. Dee Hock would disagree. More than 1 billion people use Visa card, but did you know that Dee Hock is the man who built this worldwide powerhouse? Since 1970, when Hock founded visa, the company has grown from an idea to a service that operates in more than 24 million locations in 130 countries and has an annual volume of roughly $3.6 trillion. Dee Hock, the man behind this phenomenal success story, isn't a household name, but his success as a manager is unquestioned--which is why he is such a popular speaker at CEO gatherings even through he has retired from Visa.

3. Specific learning objectives

Effective managers (and leaders) are principled, value driven, and trustworthy; they are people whom others want to work with, be inspired by, and are willing to follow. What makes them distinguished is the spirit of continuous learning - through feedback from mistakes, studying new information, and opening up to different ways of doing things, which is of great importance to grow up to be a competent manager.
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