Selfie Addiction and its Psychological effects to Adolescents

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Selfie Addiction and its Psychological effects to Adolescents Thesis statement: Social media and the mobile web have given rise to a strange phenomenon called “Selfie”. It may be the 2013 word of the year, but for certain at-risk people, taking selfies just may be dangerous. What is Selfie? According to Oxford English Dictionary, it is a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically with a smart phone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website. You see them all over social media. But why do people take selfies? To get attention from as many people as possible or to get self-esteem boost. Kind of cute for the first five minutes but when some people change their profile photo several times a day, it may be…show more content…
1. How does Selfie affect self-esteem and self-confidence? Most selfies are taken with a camera held at arm's length or pointed at a mirror, rather than by using a self-timer. Many selfies are intended to present a flattering image of the person, especially to friends whom the photographer expects to be supportive. Selfies may be seen as silly, harmless fun, but they can also trigger serious self-esteem issues especially to adolescents. Selfies may be are an outward expression of a person's existing self-esteem issues or feelings that they are not good enough (Ott, 2014). He said some young people who post selfies are seeking attention, positive feedback and social validation. He also said that Selfie-taking can be an addiction if it affects other areas of your life because you will not or cannot stop. What's abnormal for selfies is, as with most things, a lack of balance. Certain insecurities make them vulnerable and lead them to rely too heavily on the response of others. It is more dangerous for teenagers who are still developing their identity because often times posting what you believe is the perfect picture of yourself can lead to more negative thoughts if you don't get the positive feedback you are seeking. As stated by Panpimol, a Selfie creates an impact, more or less, on one’s everyday life, depending on each individual. Posting photos on social

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