Selfishness In The World Is Too Much With Us

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Conquer Selfishness

Addressing one of the world’s worst problems, the poem “The World Is Too Much With Us” tells a great warning. Even being written in 1802, William Wordsworth’s poem still applies to our day and age because of repeating trends. However dark or gloomy the poem got, Wordsworth showed there is light in the end of the tunnel if we heed his warning and do something about it. Seeking to change the norm of our tenancy to be selfish, the poet dared to say the world was out of tune with nature and life itself. The people of the world need to recognize that nature is yelling out to us for something greater than just average everyday living. Warning us to help nature, not trash it or our lives, Wordsworth continues tells
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We should be protecting the animals, our eco-system, and for each other, rather than fighting the earth for our own wants. The poet further says that since our world is self destructing, he would rather be a pagan and worship nature, so that way his priority was of nature, not himself. Deeper within the poem, Wordsworth cried out for divine intervention to help our ever falling world because we have given our hearts away to bad things. Besides giving our hearts away, we have also lost our minds into the social dramas of everyday life, and have forgotten about the future because of how comfortable we have become. Warning us how bad the earth has been trashed by ourselves, Wordsworth shouts his warning, accusing us of not being moved by nature, and roars his disfavor without…show more content…
The title “The World Is Too Much With Us” literally means the poet cannot handle the earth anymore because how secular it has become. The “world” refers to the profane part of earth, and “too much with us” just means we have been around it so long we do not even recognize how bad we have become. Furthermore, the tone of the poem is very demanding of it’s reader because of how forced his communication is. Even confusing in some parts, the main message about being too secular comes across directly in every line. Making sure his warning radiated, leaving an impact, Wordsworth said he would rather change his religion to a pagan, so that way he could see something divine going on. Though there are many parts of the poem where great thought has to be put into it, the message is still clear as glass, and the title follows the theme
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