Selfless Service Essay

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The Army Values are put here as guidelines for Soldiers to live by. They are a tool used to further enforce your core human morals. All seven values are important to keep close to your heart; however the one that sticks out to me the most is Selfless Service. Field Manual 7-22.7 defines selfless service as; “Putting the welfare of the Nation, the Army and your soldiers before your own”. In my opinion there are three main focal points in living up to the Army Value of selfless service. The first is devoting your efforts toward the needs of the country. Second is always putting your Soldiers needs above your own, and third is fulfilling your duty without wanting something in return. In order to fully devote all of your efforts to…show more content…
You continue to live up to that value by following the orders of those appointed above you without question or doubt. As a Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) you are charged with the duty of having subordinates, in which you must drive their training. As a NCO you must put the needs of your soldiers before your own. Selfless Service is about giving back, if a Soldier has personal issues that effects his ability to complete the mission, it is the duty of the NCO to assist that Soldier in taking care of those issues. By living the Army Value selfless service, you don't hesitate to lend a helping hand. Serving selflessly means that the Soldiers issues now become yours. By doing everything within the limits of your power, without compromising your integrity, to assist the Soldier with their issues you are living the value. Soldiers’ issues come in several different forms; financial, emotional, spiritual, physical etc... Whatever the issue is, you put aside whatever you might have going on, in order to help see the problem through. Giving your time and efforts is all that it takes to make a difference in a Soldiers life. The term community service is closely associated with the Army Value selfless service. The betterment of the community around you is a personal responsibility of any Soldier. The United
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