Seligram, Inc. Electronic Testing Operations Essay example

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Seligram, Inc.: Electronic Testing Operations


We put in a piece of automated equipment a year ago that only fits the requirements of one customer. This equipment reduced the direct labor required to test his components and, because of our labor-based burden allocation system, substantially reduced his costs. But putting a $40,000 machine into the general burden pool raised the costs to our other customers. It just doesn’t make sense shooting yourself in the foot at the same time you are lowering the company’s cost of operations.
Paul Carte, Manager



Electronic Testing Operations (ETO), a division of Seligram, Inc., provided centralized testing for electronic components such
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For example, the specifications for an amplifier may have called for a 1-volt input to be amplified into a 10-volt output. ETO would deliver a 1-volt input to the component.
By measuring the amplifier’s output, ETO gauged its conformance with specifications.


Mechanical testing included solderability, component burn-in, thermal shock, lead straightening, and leak detection. Solderability involved the inspection of components to see if they held solder. Burn-in was the extended powering of components at high temperature. Thermal shock involved the cycling of components between high and low temperatures. Lead straightening was the detection and correction of bent leads on components such as axial components. Leak detection examined hermetically sealed I.C.s for leaks.


Components varied significantly in the number and type of electrical and mechanical testing procedures they required. This variation resulted in about 200 different standard process flows for the division. Process flows were determined by the different combinations of tests and specifications requested by the customer. Based on these combinations, ETO planners determined the routing of components between testing equipment and the type of tests to be performed at each station. I.C.s, for example, could follow six different flows through the facility. While some I.C.s only required electrical testing at room temperature (solderability and leak detection, for instance), others

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