Selling Chinese Babies for Adoption through the Internet

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I have been following a story out of China where there are reports of a website that is being used to publically sell babies as a type of adoption. These are unregulated websites that are not affiliated with the Chinese government in any way. This of course brings up the question of the “one-child” policy in China. Does this policy infringe upon the basic human rights of civilians of china, especially women? Is the “one-child” to blame for websites such as these? Is being adopted through a website a better alternative to abortion or abandonment? To help find the answers to some of these questions I sat down with famous women's rights activist Susan B. Anthony. Susan B. Anthony joined the women’s rights movement in 1852 and she dedicated her entire life to it. Most famously known for proposing the 19th amendment that gave women the right to vote in the United States. We’ll get her take as we dig deeper into this growing phenomenon.

1) Hi Susan, to begin, tell me about your career as a women's suffragist and women’s rights activist was like, and what were some of the struggles that you had to deal with.

“Hi Michael, first of all thank you for having me. My career as a women’s suffragist began in 1852 when I went to my first women’s rights convention that was held in Syracuse. I wasn’t all too active in the movement until in 1866 another activist, Elizabeth Stanton, and I founded the American Equal Rights…
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