Selling Human Organs

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TERM PAPER RESEARCH : Selling Human Organs ARTICLE 1 : Should people be allowed to sell their organs? Currently, exchanging organs for money or other "valuable considerations" is illegal, but some members of the medical and business communities would like to change that. One of those is the American Medical Association's influential Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs. Convinced that the balance of moral and ethical concerns favors the ability to sell organs, they would like the laws to change, and the AMA's governing house of delegates is scheduled to vote in June on whether to support a pilot program. The American Society of Transplant Surgeons has already endorsed giving money for cadaveric organs to the families of the…show more content…
Finally, there is no guarantee that the person really will be able to live with just one kidney - disease or injury later on could be fatal for a kidney donor. This is even more likely with the poor because of their health, behavior, where they live, etc. Do we really want to start flying poor people from Africa or Asia to Europe and North America so that they can sell a kidney to the wealthy? Given the above circumstances, why would anyone sell a kidney? The rich don't do it, and neither does the middle class - only the poor are likely to do it, and it is without question an act of desperation. When such desperation is the motive for selling a kidney, to what degree can we argue that the decision is genuinely voluntary? In a just society, no person should have to sell off pieces of their body in order to survive. This, then, is why these issues cut to the heart of what we want our society to be like: will it be just enough that selling organs is something people can, but never feel they need, to do? Selling organs from the deceased raises entirely different problems, because a dead person isn't desperate, and selling the organs of your deceased relative isn't nearly such an act of desperation on your part. Nevertheless, that doesn't mean that the situation would be entirely acceptable. Organ transplantation is already
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