Selling New and Improved Brands

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Going into a store to buy either a new shirt or some cough medicine, the decision on what is bought is affected by the brands or even the advertisements customers have been subjected to. Branding and the marketing of those brands affect people as they make decisions on what they want to spend their money on. In “A Brand by Any Other Name,” by Douglas Rushkoff and in “With These Words I Can Sell You Anything” by William Lutz, the authors write about how consumers are influenced by different marketing practices. Rushkoff and Lutz explain the ways that shoppers can be manipulated just by what they read or hear and buy things just because they think they are getting the best or the coolest.
News, media, advertisements, and word of mouth can all affect how a person identifies with a brand. Douglas Rushkoff uses children and young people in his essay to explain that if they do not identify with a brand they may not buy it. He explains that marketers plan specific ways to get young people to buy their product like using techniques to get young shoppers to experience a “state of confusion and vulnerability” while shopping and turning that into their benefit. (386 Rushkoff) These techniques may work for a while but the battle begins as the children “develop defense mechanisms” which are then counteracted by the marketers. (386 Rushkoff) He then goes on to show that marketing companies even use anthropologists to study young people to develop better marketing techniques.
On the other
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