Selling The Indian Grains And Pulses

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Following areas can be focused for selling the Indian grains and pulses:  Indian grocery stores: This will be first and the most important segment to get in the product to the targeted customer. Indian grocery stores already carry some pulses which they buy from specific distributor. But there is always opportunity to enter in these stores with unique variety of pulses and offering it cheaper to establish the market.  Super markets: American super markets like Costco and Winco carry variety of ethnic food from different countries. Super markets like Costco also carry foods which is trendier in local market. This is also a good opportunity to reach out vast targeted market which is not just limited to Asian Indian population. Indian pulses can be sold through super markets on a trial basis till these super markets see the potential of the product.  Indian cultural gatherings and programs: Indian people love to celebrate and there are plenty of cultural gathering happening every week. The product can be displayed in such cultural gathering and programs that will bring the awareness. Distributing free samples in such places will also create more market for these products.  Local Indian Restaurants: Number of Indian restaurants is growing fast in the Seattle suburbs in Washington area and Portland suburbs in Oregon State. Local restaurants always have demand for pulses for their Indian Menu. Reaching out door to door of these restaurants can produce additional

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