Selling Violent Video Games On Minors

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Nick Brown Mrs. Kendra Gallos English 3 Honors 18 April 2016 Selling Violent Video Games to Minors, Is It Good? In the year 1972, something happened that would forever change the world of home entertainment and personal enjoyment. The first video game to break through the confines of reality, was a game called Pong. From Pong, to Call of Duty, people come a long way in the world of video games. However, some games have struck up controversy with their gratuitous violence and their questionable motives. It has become so controversial, that it has been taken up and noticed by our own government. So, what’s the problem with violent video games, and how can the next generation be protected, so that they will not get influenced by these games in real life? So how did all of this begin? Let us go back to a time where change needed to happen to the flow of digital entertainment. In the year 1993, a new arcade cabinet just made it’s way to the arcades and is getting played more and more every single day. That game was called Mortal Kombat. Mortal Kombat is a fighting game on the arcade that would soon debut on home consoles. “But that sounds very similar to Street Fighter 2”, some people may ask right now, “what was so special about Mortal Kombat?” Well there were 2 very distinct differences between these games. First were the designs of the characters, and the second(and most obvious) was the ABSOLUTELY GORY FATALITIES! This quote from
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