Selling organs on the black market

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Selling Organs on the Black Market Every teenager wants to own the newest iPhone or iPad but to save up for those working at the local McDonald’s it would take some time. But in China, you can get it just by selling a kidney. In face according to a BBC news article dated April 6, 2012 five people were arrested for convincing a teenager to sell his kidney in an online chat room for the equivalent of $3,000. The teenager is now suffering from kidney failure, and just for a couple of new toys. The New York Times states on June 29, 2012 that only 10% of the global needs for organ transplantation are being met. The UK Telegraph of May 28, 2012 states that experts are saying that a rise in diabetes and other diseases has led to the…show more content…
There is only one country that allows the legal buying and selling of organs, Iran allows people to sell and buy kidneys under the state regulated surveillance of two non-profit organizations but Iranians are not allowed to sell kidneys to non-citizens. Now that we have discussed both the problems and the causes of the black market organ trade, let’s focus on two possible solutions we could implement. First we well discuss a possible opt out policy, and then we will look at enforcing and implementing laws. Let’s begin with a possible solution is to activate an opt out policy in each state. Richard Brodsky wants to change the way the New York organ donation system works. He believes that this system could help increase organ and tissue donations. The proposal would require that people be automatically added to the state donor registry unless they opt out when they get a driver’s licenses or state identification card. Richard says his bill has sparked a lot of interest but that he knows both individuals and religious groups have raised concerns. Mary baily a member of the Hastings Center, stated that it’s easy to see this would not go over well with Americans at a time when many are pushing against government control on a variety of other issues. UCLA professor and medical doctor, Gabriel Danovitch testified before the U.S. House of Foreign Affairs in 2012 that there are several things the U.S. government can do. He begins by stating that the National organ

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