Selma Rodrigues Brown : A Lifetime Resident Of Baltimore

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Selma Rodrigues-Brown was a lifetime resident of Baltimore. She grew up in what she called the hood. She was all of five feet two inches tall, black nappy hair, and her complexion was very dark and she was mean as hell. She was the leader of Uptown Crips. It was highly unusual to have a woman in that leadership spot. At thirty-two years of age, she had fought and killed her way to the top, she had the members’ respect, only to the point where they all knew she would have them killed in a heartbeat. For Selma the event was a blessing sent by God for her specifically. She was able to consolidate her power over the city, by brute force, within three months after the event. Selma was successful in creating a mega-alliance with the rest of the gangs in the city, with her at the top. Prior to the event Law Enforcement estimated there were close to ten thousand gang members in all of Baltimore. The number was much higher now. The citizens of Baltimore had to commit to a gang, or leave town and die—those were their only choices. Now it was closer to twenty-five thousand; however, prior to the event Baltimore had a population of over six hundred thousand people. The twenty-five thousand were the number of soldiers that were counted to help fight and defend the city, if it ever came to that. Everyone else in the city was considered an affiliate of the gang. The population of Baltimore now, a year later, was closer to eighty-seven thousand. The first months of the event

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