Semantic Search And Applications For The Online Vehicle Marketplace

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Kevin Heberle Semantic search and applications for the online vehicle marketplace. ABSTRACT: Recent developments in semantic ontologies are fueling a potential early trigger to the second wave of semantic search technology. With specific applications in e-commerce and internet marketing, high search engine rankings and accurate query results enabled by RDFa metadata may prompt a new revolution starting in online auto marketplaces. The enabling technology of semantic search has the opportunity to level the playing field for smaller online merchants as well as shift buying power directly to consumers. TABLE OF CONTENTS: I. Introduction II. The Current State of Search III. Issues with Conventional Search Engines IV. Linked Data: The Next…show more content…
Information now populates the web on a global scale but remains trapped in myriad silos of varying metadata and tags. The search engine marketing and optimization industry continuosly struggles to unlock the formula to being found first online through a system of ever evolving strategies, standards and tactics. Search has become integrated into the fabric of our society. On average more than 4,500 searches are performed every single second of every day. (Eric Enge, 2008) Information which may have previously required hours to acquire is now at the fingertips of people in a matter of seconds. Search engines are at the center of this disruptive event, and Kevin Heberle Semantic search and applications for the online vehicle marketplace. 3 having a business rank well in the search engines when people are looking for the service, product, or resource it provides is critical to the survival of that business. (Eric Enge, 2008) pg.1 Issues with conventional search engines The current search environment is equivalent to customers finding your business based on a system of highway billboards and jumbled street signs (banner and text ads), position in the phonebook (page rank), while driving on a road filled with 6 billion stores and a guide who barely understands
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